Running On Empty

Running On Empty


A cross-country journey intended to make a difference, in the beginning, was certainly looked upon as an ambitious dream of young wonderers; however, when O’Toole reached Dallas, TX, people started to believe it was possible. Mile by mile, America arose to show its true colors within the people along the route. These unique interactions inevitably kept Brendan pushing through the toughest days on the road. Told from the perspective of two brothers (Joey and Timmy Dwyer), the film depicts SGT. Brendan O’Toole during his passion driven pursuit. After a grueling year on the road Brendan completed his 3,600-mile run from Oceanside, CA to Portland, ME with a greater understanding of his country and himself.


Joey Dwyer and Timmy Dwyer                 Director

SGT Brendan O'Toole                                  Producer

SGT Brendan O'Toole                                  Crew

Additional Cast and Crew

Joey Dwyer, Timmy Dwyer, Adam Jaime, Jeff Lewis, Natalie Morrocu, Beth Horrigan, Michael Seigel, Travis Grooms, Benjamin Chance, Mike Ramm, Kelly Foy, Scott Demming, Mike Donnelly, Tom Sherman, Andrew Mitchell, Garrett Lee Grim, Tim Haufe, Eric Tsavdar

Director Biography


Inspired by the stories that alter people’s perspectives, Joey Dwyer is a young, hungry filmmaker based out of Brooklyn, NY. After studying film production in North Carolina, Dwyer started JWD Productions. He has collaborated on projects with Red Bull, NBC Ali Sports, Hurley, Toyota, INDY 500, The Explorers Club, and a handful of other creative outlets.


The Talk

The Talk


For African Americans, The Talk, is about more than just the birds and the bees. On his way to a big date, seventeen year old J.J. has a talk with his dad, but Dad couldn't prepare him for this.


Emily M. Blake                 Director         Connie's Place, Sorry Ain't Enough

Gregory Kennedy             Key Cast

Finley Polynice                 Key Cast

Jasmin Richardson          Key Cast

Additional Cast and Crew

Gregory Kennedy, Finley Polynice, Jasmin Richardson, Christal Deloney, Peter Davidson, Laffrey Witbrod, Crystal L. Kelley, Antonino Buzzone, Anton Haugabook, Ihab Gabra, Rachelle Murua, Nicole Stewart, Catelin Dziuba, Kedren Stuart, Yooni Yi, Muna Deria, Kellie Malone, Matthew Gastelum, Michael McMiller, Mario Criscione, Christina Berger, Erin Grote, Alexander Vaca, Earl Ulit, Adrienne Washington, Adam Emil, Jeff Davett, Chuck Da Arsonist

Director Biography


After earning a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism from Howard University I earned a Master's degree in Radio/TV/Film at Wayne State University. I worked in radio as a Producer/Talent and in television as an Associate Producer for a Cable Ace winning Public Affairs show, Transition, and as a Production Assistant for a nationally syndicated Emmy winning show, America's Black Forum, with civil rights activist and politician Julian Bond. However, neither format satisfied my urge to tell human stories.

Equipped with little more than determination and an entrepreneurial spirit, I moved to New York to pursue independent filmmaking.

With my first feature film, Connie’s Place, I labored over the script, schedule and budget all while shopping for set furniture, props, scouting locations, and purchasing lighting and craft supplies. Connie’s Place (80 mins, 16mm, color) was shot in 8 days, with a production budget of $7000 and when money began to dwindle, I used my culinary skills to prepare meals between takes. I also co-wrote and lent vocals to the title song, Connie's Place. The film screened in the “Works-in-Progress” section of the 2001 IFP Market to a warm reception.

The second time up to bat, I was hired to direct, Sorry Ain’t Enough, (132 mins, DV) by producers, Ken Harris and Darryl Lee, who wrote and co-stars. The production was massive in scope and enjoyed a successful U.S. Film Festival tour.

My most recent short, The Talk, is currently exhibiting at various film festivals across North America.

I reside in Los Angeles where I'm pursuing a MFA in Film & TV, and in various stages of development and production on documentary and feature projects.

Director Statement

As an African American woman, I am particularly interested in character driven stories that explore perspectives that are vastly different from the dominant culture.

I choose to work in film because of the medium's ability to inspire, motivate, entertain, and touch people. Sharing the complexities of life through universal themes can be life affirming and consciousness expanding.

​I love working with actors to develop superbly flawed, three dimensional characters that demonstrate their attributes and flaws through action.





#WeMatter is a short film that strives to highlight the growing epidemic of police violence against people of color. We hope that by focusing on the human aspect of the issue--the hurt, frustration and often the feelings of hopelessness, the importance of changing a system that allows these actions to flourish, can be thwarted. We hope that our film not only elicits an emotional response and encourages conversations of change, but inspires action.


Sherrie Quannea                 Director

Isaac Diaz                             Writer

Sherrie Quannea                 Writer

Isaac Diaz                             Producer

Sherrie Quannea                 Producer

Director Biography


Sherrie Quannea’s love affair with the art of story telling is a long and storied tale (see what we did there) and her love of a good (or bad story if well told) is true. Although her journey into the world of entertainment began in front of the camera, she was always interested in the action behind the scenes.
After directing her first theatrical scene during graduate school Sherrie was hooked. Since then she has gone on to direct several theater pieces, hundreds of short form and new media projects, award winning web-series', high profile live events as well as a few National television commercials.
Sherrie studied Political Science at Grambling State University, an HBCU. She then went on to earn her M.A. in Political Science from California State University Northridge and resides in Los Angeles, CA.
Ben’s personal film projects often feature his ongoing preoccupation with the themes of identity and memory. Most notably Apricot, Some Static Started and Castor & Pollux. The films went on to gain notoriety for Briand with Apricot garnering a huge online cult following upon release, eventually being voted Best Narrative film on Vimeo by a community of over 3 million users. The same year he received a nomination for Best Director by the Australian Director’s Guild for Some Static Started.

His coming of age noir short film Blood Pulls A Gun had it's world premiere at SXSW Film Festival in competition for the Grand Jury Award. He was then awarded Best Emerging Filmmaker at the Melbourne International Film Festival along with a Best Director nomination by the Directors Guild of Australia. Follow up screenings included the BFI London Film Festival, Palm Springs International Film Festival and Hammer Museum in Los Angeles.

He has directed commercial projects in France, Australia and USA for brands Qantas, LGBT, Schweppes, Asahi and Playboy Fragrance to name a few. He has won numerous awards including the Silver SHOTS Young Director Award at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival followed by the New Director Award at Adfest. Recently his short film featuring Brazilian ballet dancer Ingrid Silva won Cannes Silver Lion for Film Craft, a Gold for Best Direction at the Epica Advertising awards and took out the Grand Prix and Gold for Best Branded Content Film at the European Cristal Advertising Awards. Other commercial projects he directed have picked up numerous awards including Spikes, Clio’s and two Silver Medals at the Phoenix Awards and a Gold at the New York Festivals’ International Advertising and Television and Film Awards.

He continues to work on unique commercial and feature film projects.

Director Statement

“#WeMatter" has been the culmination of a long time desire to do more narrative work. Specifically, something that will not only allow Sherrie to incorporate her social activism but hopefully create something that can be impactful as well.



Wyatt Star, a down and out motorcycle rider, cannot get past his obsession with winning. Blinded, he sacrifices his relationships, his dignity, and his physical health, all in the name of glory.


Josema Roig                          Director       Release Me

Steven Pristin                        Writer           Black Panther, Against Night

Derek Ustruck                        Writer           Beasts of the Southern Wild

Jo Henriquez                         Producer      Day One, Prism, Knucklehead

Travis Meyers                        Key Cast     The Brass Teapot, Love Bid

Frank Clem                             Key Cast     The Lost City of Zee, Bosch

Kym Jackson                         Key Cast      American Crime Story, NCIS

Melissa Strom                       Key Cast      Home Away From Home, Dash

Clayton Hoff                           Key Cast      Reign, Trafficked

Zachary Rifkin                       Key Cast      Beautiful Boy, On The Run

James Gallo                           Key Cast

Azazel Jacobs                       Key Cast

Kyle Loza                                Key Cast

Zosia Garcia Sledzinska     Key Cast

Additional Cast and Crew

Nico Navia, Sandra D. Carmola, Pick Bickmore, Lindsey Weissmueller, Malcom Bacani, John Branagan, Jimmy Roberts, Randy Hall, Chris Russell, Michael Steiner, Holly Sortomme, Jonathan Zimmerman, Erick Aguilar, Jeff Melgar, Jeremy Asuncion, Ben Hardwicke, Moira Morel, Brody Engelhard, Alejandro Echevarria, Edmund Kwan, Jose Espinoza, Reid Chavis, Sarah Vanel Robertson, Jes Anderson, Lila Ahronowitz, Laura Noxon, Ruth Du, Melissa Hoppe, Bennett Cerf, Nate Hurtsellers, Julian Estrada, Daniella Nowitz, Luca Spensieri, Yan Ramos, Tyler Winegar, Allen Chodakowski, Colin Macdonnell, Cory Warner, James Sowka, Crystal Kelly, Edgar Rosa, Brandon Riley, Anisha Acharya, Bruce Goodman, Andrew Kantos, Laura Diez, Craig Polding Max Nikoff, Philippe Pierre, Anna San Juan, Phil McGowan, Bryan Kingsley, Laurence Lightbody, Ranae Goodhew, Devin Bianchini, Luiz G. Dias, Mitch Thompson, Jack Lewis, Colby Giovacchini, Izzy Roos, Paige Mount, Michael Lutz, John Fuller, Michael Hellerstein, Horst Jung, Bill Taylor, Roger Mocenigo, Victoria Sharp, Eryn Eubanks, Kevin Wilson, Cristina Lima, Xenia Solorio, Jason Fong, Justin Hong, Tianran Liu, Michael Beckstrom, Joshua Thompson, Jon Clemmons, Valentina Clerici, BRian Contreras, Milton Cheng, Judy Huang, Jose Cortez, Nada Youssef, Triana Garcia, Jon Lafleur, Shawnee Witt, Randy Hoffman, Lindie Kuzmich, Edgar Rosa, Marco Franco, Gerber Ambulance Service, Reel Security, Laurance Edwards, Jim Padgett, Kendall Carter, Kyle Loza, Jimmie Mcguire, Timothy Loza, Mark Shaffer, Bryce Brannagan, Judy Bafaro, Allison Eckert, Daniella Ruiz, Jeremy Asuncion, Matthew Von Arx, Alex Spentzos, Ed Wu, Simu Feng, Dennis Zanatta, Kurtis Myers, Aaron Louie, Adrien De Ausen, Josef Franden, Lizzie Boyle, Sonia Kim


Crazy Puddin’

Crazy Puddin'


Late at night, hiding in the slums of Gotham City, evil is wide awake and plotting a comeback. The Joker sits comfortably in his shack as his love, Harley Quinn, frantically finds herself back from a night of terror and chaos. Upset with the Joker that he abandoned her, yet again, she comes to realize that she has had enough. This is not the love she wants, nor deserves, and she is out.


Adam Sonnet                  Director          Organic Guerrilla, FAIR FIGHT,

Gloria Downey                 Director

Elle Viane Sonnet           Writer             Space Command, Lady Deadpool Diaries

Gloria Downey                 Writer

Hunter C. Smith              Writer

Elle Viane Sonnet            Producer

Adam Sonnet                    Producer       Space Command, Organic Guerrilla

Carmine Downey              Producer       FAIR FIGHT

Gloria Downey                   Producer      FAIR FIGHT

Elle Viane Sonnet             Key Cast       Lady Deadpool Diaries, Space Command, FAIR FIGHT

Hunter C. Smith                Key Cast      The Big Day, Chuck Ransom, FAIR FIGHT



The story of a man with a trafficked girl.


Monica Raymund        Director           Chicago Fire

Sam Forman                 Writer              House of Cards, Hand of God, The Brink

Jason Gurvitz               Producer        Avenged, The Submarine Kid, Broken Kingdom, The Perfect Witness, The Three Hikers

Jordan Marinov           Producer        Unseen Dances

Eamonn Walker           Key Cast         Chicago Fire, OZ

Christian Stolte           Key Cast         Chicago Fire

Joe Minoso                  Key Cast         Chicago Fire

Additional Cast & Crew

Amy Stewart, Stephanie Rabiola, Tari Segal, Joe Rabig, Lili Haydn, Mickie Pascal, Jennifer Rudnicke, Michelle Himsalam, Dalilah Lavii Goree, Matthew Nomellini, Robert E Dinkha, Maggie Sorce, Tom Jokomes, Sprott Woods, Johanna Janis, Mario Coletta, Adam Smith, Chris Wittenborn, Derek Ashbaugh, Joey Richardson , Jeremy Long, Addae Shelby, Marty Ulbrich, Elaisa Vargas, Anny Cress, Rachael Ohman, Becky Dale, Caitlin Murphy Miles, Jay Poulos, John Wong, C. Ryan Stemple, Mark Voss, Kaitlyn Heffron, Alex Gaudieri, Billy Dambra, Armo’n Lamar, Caleb Wotring, Allison Lefevre, Stephen Nitz, Sarah Schooley, Marelyn Garcia, Lourdes Nieto, Yasmin Vafa, Lieutenant Andre Dawson





“The Choice” starring Lou Ferrigno Jr. and Flavia Costa, is a Short Film with an important social and moral message. It’s the story of a couple in their early thirties that have just gotten married and are looking forward to raising a family. Once they discover that they can’t get pregnant, and one of the reasons why, they make a drastic decision that will change their lives forever.


Robert Florio                     Director

Darce Florio                       Director

Flavia Costa                       Writer

Robert Florio                      Writer

Matthew Mancuso            Writer

Bruce S Silberman            Writer

Flavia Costa                        Producer

Darce Florio                        Producer

Robert Florio                      Producer

Bruce S Silberman            Producer

Flavia Costa                        Key Cast

Lou Ferrigno Jr.                  Key Cast