Running On Empty


A cross-country journey intended to make a difference, in the beginning, was certainly looked upon as an ambitious dream of young wonderers; however, when O’Toole reached Dallas, TX, people started to believe it was possible. Mile by mile, America arose to show its true colors within the people along the route. These unique interactions inevitably kept Brendan pushing through the toughest days on the road. Told from the perspective of two brothers (Joey and Timmy Dwyer), the film depicts SGT. Brendan O’Toole during his passion driven pursuit. After a grueling year on the road Brendan completed his 3,600-mile run from Oceanside, CA to Portland, ME with a greater understanding of his country and himself.


Joey Dwyer and Timmy Dwyer                 Director

SGT Brendan O'Toole                                  Producer

SGT Brendan O'Toole                                  Crew

Additional Cast and Crew

Joey Dwyer, Timmy Dwyer, Adam Jaime, Jeff Lewis, Natalie Morrocu, Beth Horrigan, Michael Seigel, Travis Grooms, Benjamin Chance, Mike Ramm, Kelly Foy, Scott Demming, Mike Donnelly, Tom Sherman, Andrew Mitchell, Garrett Lee Grim, Tim Haufe, Eric Tsavdar

Director Biography


Inspired by the stories that alter people’s perspectives, Joey Dwyer is a young, hungry filmmaker based out of Brooklyn, NY. After studying film production in North Carolina, Dwyer started JWD Productions. He has collaborated on projects with Red Bull, NBC Ali Sports, Hurley, Toyota, INDY 500, The Explorers Club, and a handful of other creative outlets.