Time4Change Ep. 1 – Out Monday August 10th!

Lyndsie Zacheis from Hey Everyone Let's Play! talks about the importance and benefits of continuing to play into our adult lives.

In the words of Snoop Dogg, "I'm thinking of a master plan...." Having a killer work sesh with Andrew William Steel and Iain Paruig Fancourt McDonald editing our new and original series Time4Change. We have some amazing guests creating truly inspiring films and movements. Don't forget to click "sign up" to get free tickets and catch our new show!

Posted by Flicks4Change on Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Time4Change Pre-Production for Block #2 Shooting Saturday August 12th!

Many hands making light work as we ready ourselves and our guest for our next batch of interviews with some amazing people from some amazing organizations!

Sneak Peek at our 2017 Venue

Join the tour! Our fearless leaders Andrew William Steel and James Hawthorn are here to give you a special sneak peek at our incredible venue for our 2017 film festival: The one and only Boomtown Brewery!Think about it... This venue, delicious craft beer, and films for a cause. How could you miss out? You don't want to, that's for sure. So when your "tour" is over, hop on over to our website and enter your email address to get on the Early Bird list. You'll get the best ticket prices and exclusive bonuses.Here's the link: http://Flicks4Change.orgSee you at Boomtown November 12-15th!

Posted by Flicks4Change on Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Introducing Our New Venue, Boomtown Brewery

Flicks4change Founders Andrew Steel & James Hawthorn take us on a walk-through of our new space for Flicks4Change 2017, Boomtown Brewery, in the historic Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles.

Posted by Flicks4Change on Monday, December 12, 2016