Inspire Change.

We aim to inspire change by increasing the audience for films about social issues.

Never before have so many people been consciously involved in the conversation about conservation, clean futures, human equality and many other social issues facing humanity and this fragile spinning ocean planet which we call home.

Flicks4Change is a vehicle for filmmakers to not only find a wider audience through the festival but to engage in discussions with audiences as part of our festival program allowing a furthering of their message directly through key influencers in the homeland of film – Los Angeles, CA.

Our Mission

Flicks4Change is a philanthropic film festival seeking to create meaningful social change through sharing socially conscious films, discussion, and giving back.

An interactive film festival with a social conscience screening captivating films from around the globe that either feature or include a pressing social issue facing mankind today. Our films span all genres and styles of story telling.

Giving Back

Flicks4Change is about more than movies; it's a vehicle for social change. Not only do we screen films, we give back. In our first year we donated 50% of our profits to charity with the other half covering costs.

Our program is not only screenings but also live discussion sessions after each screenings with the filmmakers, celebrity activists, heads of non-profits, and with you, the audience.

Meet the Team

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Join Our Team

We're after world-changers, like you.

If you love being a part of a community of people from all walks that are inspired to not sit idly by, then why not come hang with us!

We think the world can be a better place.

With many collaborative perspectives helping to make things awesome, we'd love to hear how you'd like to be involved.