2017 Postcard

Flicks4Change Festival 2017 



November 12th

Red Carpet 5pm-6pm

Tom Sizemore (Heat, Saving Private Ryan), Clayne Crawford (Lethal Weapon), Alex Russell (S.W.A.T., Chronicle), Marci Miller (Days of Our Lives), Frank Shankwitz (Founder of the Make-A-Wish Foundation).


Tanya - Sex Trafficking 15mins

Running On Empty - Veterans Affairs 34mins

Humanity Please - Human Rights - 3mins

The Talk - Race - 7:30mins

Deceptively Marked - Mental Health - 3mins

Operation Mustang - Veterans Affairs/Animals - 6mins

1.2 Million Children - Sex Trafficking - 2:30mins

Starman - Existential Crisis - 18mins

Vote No On Gay Marriage - LGBTQ - 4mins

ReMoved - Domestic Abuse - 13mins


November 13th

Red Carpet 6pm-7pm

Dale Dickey (Hell or High Water, Breaking Bad), Lou Ferrigno Jr. (How I Met Your Mother, S.W.A.T., Teen Wolf), Reba Merrill (Celebrity Journalist), Theo Davies (Wish Man).


Pages Great and Grand Escape - Mental Health/ Self-Image 9mins

The Choice - Cancer/Existential Crisis 25:30mins

This Side of Dirt - Cancer/Existential Crisis 6mins

The Obstacle Course - LGBTQ - 2:30mins

Crazy Puddin - Domestic Abuse - 8:20mins

Masculinity in Crisis (Vulnerability) - Male Identity - 2:30mins

#WeMatter - Black Lives Matter - 4:30mins

Tyler Tabor: A Life Lost - Incarceration - 13mins

Hairmageddon - Beauty in Society/Corruption of Power 10mins

Birthday - Veterans Affairs - Disability - 11mins

Equal Justice for All - Race/Incarceration - 5mins

Deighties: Dating in your 80's - Dating for Seniors - 7:20mins


November 14th

Red Carpet 6pm-7pm

Sally Kirkland (JFK, Bruce Almighty),



Jeremy the Dud - Disability - 20mins

California Concentration Camp - Factory Farming - 1:30min

Duffy - PTSD - 8mins

Objector - Freedom of Speech - 16mins

Arrested (Again) - Freedom of Speech - 4mins

Just Go - Disability - 8mins

Get Up - Chivalry and Social Etiquette - 4:30mins

Photovoltaic - Solar Energy and Womens Empowerment in 3rd World - 8mins

The Present - Mental Health/Play - 3mins

Power the Kid - Domestic Abuse - 11:30mins

Andy Goes In - Animal Rights/Factory Farming - 16mins